Eagles is home to fine foods of uncompromising quality showcasing some of the country’s best suppliers.

Our food hall’s original ethos for being able to make a complete meal in one basket is still the backbone of our emporium. We continue to be proudly independently run, offering a superior level of food quality and shopping experience.


Our food shop has always been in safe hands, led by people who care deeply about making the finest food available to those who value great ingredients, a bursting larder and wonderful flavours on the plate!

The Eagles name entered the world of food in the guise of a butchery, when Frank Eagles opened in the nearby village of Bloxham, back in 1950. His son Paul bought the business from him, building on a fast growing rural reputation. Eagles, now based in Deddington, was the vision and brain child of both Paul and his partner Sheila, who herself had come from a farming background. Together they realised a shared passion for offering customers a different, more superior experience away from the large retail giants who were fast popping up and suffocating the romance and tangibility of how we buy food.

In 2017, Eagles was passed over to another pair of safe hands – an independent – a family whose background and passion is about making good food accessible – and by the same uncompromising standards. Eagles of today is owned by the same people that run The Muddy Duck pub/restaurant in the nearby village of Hethe.

“To us, Eagles is a phenomenon – we fell in love as fans and punters ourselves years ago; the shop is a wonderful fit to our own background and ethos – a 60+ year old family independent, successfully fending off the soulless supermarkets, offering a personable, knowledgeable food experience. We have no intention of messing with any of these precious values and only hope to nurture and build on the fantastic foundation laid down by the Eagles family.”